Exhibition Application
Sep 7 (Mon) 2020, 10:00 a.m. - Sep 30 (Wed) 2020, 11:59 p.m.
Exhibition Application

Application for exhibition to JIMTOF2020 Online will be accepted online via this website.
For those who wish to exhibit, please proceed to the application process using the exhibition application form below.

Application to exhibit has been closed.

■You can apply for Option menu from the application confirmation site which will be sent to you by the Management Secretariat after your application has been submitted.

Application procedure
Apply for the Exhibition
Proceed to the online application form above, please agree to the contents of "The Provision of Exhibition Agreement for JIMTOF2020 Online", enter all the information according to the guideline, and complete the online application.
E-mails accepting applications for exhibition
After the application for exhibition is completed, an e-mail about receipt of application is automatically returned to the e-mail address of the person in charge entered at STEP1.
Notification of application acceptance
After receipt of the application, we will confirm the details of your application. We will notify you to that effect by beginning of October 2020. We will also send the invoice for the exhibition fees and please remit to the specified bank account by the due date.
※Please note that depending on the nature of your application, we may not be able to accept your application.
Changes for application information
In the event of any change in the contents of the application for exhibition after acceptance of it, exhibitors can modify it by themselves on the application confirmation site notified separately.
Some items may not be changed therefore please contact JIMTOF2020 Online Management Secretariat
Application Schedule
Date (JST) Application & Exhibition Payment
September 7 (Mon.), 2020 Exhibition Application Form Opens
September 15 (Tue.) Application for Option menu Starts
(Questionnaire, Chat function, Exhibitor workshop)
September 30 (Wed.) Deadline of Exhibition application  
-The beginning of October Notification of application acceptance
/ Exhibition Agreement
The invoice for exhibition fees
The middle of October Exhibitor website Opens  
October 31 (Sat.)   Payment Deadline for exhibition fees
The beginning of November Visitor’s registration Starts
November 6 (Fri.) Deadline for application of Option menu
November 16 (Mon.), 10 a.m.
- November 27 (Fri.), 5 p.m.
JIMTOF2020 Online
November 27 (Sat.), 5 p.m.
- December 11 (Fri.), 5 p.m.
JIMTOF2020 Online Archive period
December – January, 2021 The invoice for Option menu